About us

Boost4health was founded as a labor of love in 2016.

In a bid to help family and friends regain their health, Mel began her journey as a health and nutrition expert.

Frustrated with the information out there, (that never really fully answered the questions she had) Mel began collecting a database of healthy and nutritious recipes. Along with this, she studied and researched health information that allowed those she worked with to lose weight and increase their fitness levels

Those she worked with literally got a boost for their health (Boost 4 health, get it?)

Soon, she began to realize there was a much bigger story to tell here than just healthy recipes and nutrition. There was the science behind which ingredients made a difference and which didn’t.

It didn’t take Mel long to realize that, while healthy recipes were a great tool, she could make a far bigger impact in people’s diet (and health). She realized that this could be done by empowering them to make healthier choices by providing the background knowledge they needed.

This became the goal for Boost4 health, as you see it today: “to provide digestible evidenced-based health and nutrition information to empower a better lifestyle.”

Inspired by Mel’s vision and realistic approach for helping people take control of their health, others joined the Boost 4 Health team.

You can find them below.

While still relatively small, the Boost 4 Health team is passionate about their vision. They envision a time when the lifestyle and science-based approach to healthy living will help change the health of the world!

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